As the Holy Spirit leads, we minister to the person’s Spirit, Soul and Body by finding the root causes and applying the exchanged life to wholeness.  We bring everyone to the knowledge of how much Christ loves them and died for their sins and that He wants to live forever in their heart. We minister deliverance from the power of addiction and sins bringing healing to the soul. We also see many people healed and set free of pain and sicknesses in their bodies.

God gave us the vision of the Restoration Center, training and ministering and doing what God has called us to do - salvation, healing, deliverance for complete restoration.

If you need prayer for salvation, healing or deliverance – please email us at



The Holy Ghost Coffee Shop is a small daily bible study that provides an open forum for area men to discuss God's truth.  This group has many regulars and those that come as they can. The group has open discussions, as they are led by the Holy Spirit, and they utilize various books to promote discussions.  The books that have been part of the Coffee Shop discussions are from authors Derek Prince, Watchman Nee, Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, and many others.

The Holy Ghost Coffee Shop is open at 8:00 AM every day of the week.  We encourage you to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee or cappuccino.  But most of all, we extend an invitation to experience the fellowship and lively discussions that will build your faith and knowledge of the truths of the Bible.


The Hereford Pastor’s Meeting has been meeting for over 25 years on a weekly basis. This was born out of a vision to see Kingdom unity across all faiths. Where all pastors can come together to share and encourage each other. The Pastor’s meeting has grown to include pastors and leaders from all parts of the world.

Topics discussed are foundationally centered on the provisions of Jesus' death and resurrection.  His provision is for each of us to fully understand who we are in Christ - a new creation. Once we begin to understand who we are - a new creation, then we can come to full knowledge of all that Scripture has defined.

Come join us every Tuesday at 10AM - New Life Restoration Center - Hereford

encounter the cross

The Encounter of the Cross weekend retreat teaches the foundations of Isaiah 53...the full benefits of Jesus' death and resurrection. Jesus death and resurrection provided for our total being - our Spirit, Soul, and Body.  The weekend provides the understanding of living the abundant life now and the new creation that we are in Jesus Christ.  The Encounter is a training and ministry weekend for the spirit, soul, and body through exchange, to people of all faiths.

Amherst Retreat Center
Amherst, TX

The next Encounter is coming up soon...